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ColoreInferno -
Artisti spezzati dalla Grande Guerra

1914 - 1918

3 April 2019
Via degli Ausoni 1 
00185, Roma
Cecilia Valagussa, author
Maurizio Ceccato, curator of the book
Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi, artist and researcher
Numero Cromatico is glad to host the presentation of the book edited by Ifix Edizioni: COLOREINFERNO - Artisti spezzati dalla Grande Guerra. 1914 - 1918.

The book contains nine stories illustrated by Cecilia Valagussa
and Ariel Macchi, in which the two authors have imagined and depicted the stories of nine artists that, for various reasons,
lost their lives during the First World War.

The book is not a mere illustrated documentation of these dramatic events but, using the words of the text written by Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi it is “a way of tracing back the stories of that generation, of those artists” to the point of “giving us the possibility of retracing not only the stories and theories but also, and most importantly, a new idea of future”.
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