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Gianni Politi 

12 March 2020

From 7 pm to 12 am
Via degli Ausoni 1, 00185, Roma

"A painting is always present. This is because one only needs to know that a painting has been in a space and its image will remain in that space even without its physical presence. A painting exists even if no one is looking at it and images exist before they get painted because they are already in the person’s mind. Images thus exist even before they are thought, in a place that I certainly don’t know and neither do you, my dear."

GIANNI POLITI (Rome, 1986)

He studied Philosophy at Sapienza Università di Roma.

Using classic materials of the Italian pictorial tradition, Politi developed an approach based on the private processes that take place in the studio when he engages in producing images that would appear spontaneous. 

The studio thus morphs into both container and object of his work; the diverse output of his painting can even cross over in the use of sculpture to enable him to better narrate the struggle of being a contemporary painter. As he sets about redefining contemporary abstract painting, the artist does not shy away from relying on personal experience and happenings in his life;

as he channels paramount themes such as love, friendship

and sexuality, he keeps up a constant effort to idolise whatever materials he works with.

Politi has exhibited in several national and international institutions, amongst which La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna di Roma, Nomas Foundation, MAXXI, MACRO and the Italian Cultural Council in Prague.

Politi is represented by Galleria Lorcan O'Neill in Rome.

Performance by Gianni Politi

October 6th, 2020

Photographs by Numero Cromatico

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