Io divento eterno

Dimensioni: 190 x 20 cm

Tecnica: Lana Jacquard 

Io divento eterno, sciarpa, Numero Cromatico, 2021-17.jpg

Io divento eterno (2022) is a series of 100 pieces. The artwork is a jacquard wool scarf produced on the occasion of the exhibition Superstimolo, at Museo MAXXI in Rome. On one side it is presented the word “SUPERSTIMOLO”, while the other side reads “MENTRE TU TI AFFANNI IO DIVENTO ETERNO” [WHILE YOU WORRY I BECOME ETERNAL].


The artwork is part of the New-tze-bao series (2018 - ongoing).

The project aims at bringing together popular culture and the artistic contemporary culture. It does so along two trajectories: by introducing common sayings, clichés, and statements coming from popular culture, through the artistic device, into the art context and museum environment, and by placing all of the above, including the many artistic manifestos, in the popular context. 

Such an operation comes into being by employing different media among which are banners, scarves, flags, wall paintings, dazibao (Chinese: “big-character poster”), editorial projects, and so on. These are charged with diverse contents varying in terms of places and modalities in which they are presented, so as to increase the degree of ambiguity and the possibilities for interpretation by the public.