Una relazione per l'Accademia
by Franz Kafka

A production by Marcido Marcidorjs 

e Famosa Mimosa, 2017

28-29-30 March 2019
Via degli Ausoni, 1
00185, Roma

With Paolo Oricco
Directed by Marco Isidori
Make-up and “Sipario 
delle Metamorfosi” by Daniela Dal Cin
The historical theatre company from Torino Marcido Marcidorjs
e Famosa Mimosa takes to Rome for the first time “Una relazione
per l’Accademia” [A report to an Academy] by Franz Kafka,
a strong emotional performance, that found in Numero Cromatico
 its ideal space. 

On stage, Paolo Oricco becomes a canvas for Daniela Dal Cin
and an actor carrying voice and movements by Marco Isidori.
Photographs by Giorgio Sottile.
© Numero Cromatico 2020