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A burning fire

an exhibition curated by Valentina Ciarallo

from October 7th, 2023
Gallery Hotel Art
Vicolo dell’Oro 5, Firenze

A burning fire, Numero Cromatico, Firenze 2023-4.jpg

The exhibition A burning fire arises from the desire to stimulate the viewer in having a direct and active participation in the artistic experience, offering a new model of perceiving art and opening

a reflection on cultural and social themes shared by humanity.

The writings of Numero Cromatico enters the sphere of emotions like traditional writing and the fruition of the work is completed

as a multisensory experience. The creative algorithm I.L.Y. generates unpublished poems related to love in all its forms

and interpersonal relationships drawing from the great authors

of the past.

The artwork goes beyond the boundary of pure reading and establishes a physical and tactile relationship with the viewer thanks to the soft fabrics used. The inherited craftsmanship behind the fabrics, with the use of primary colours on geometric patterns or camouflage is combined with technical processes. Creative visions translated into reality lead to perceive the work of Numero Cromatico in a singular and personal way for each of us, entering the dimension in which the public becomes the subject and object of the work itself.

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