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Numero Cromatico, fotografia di Serena Eller Vainicher, 2022 - 1.jpg

Numero Cromatico is an interdisciplinary art collective, composed of researchers from various fields of knowledge, from the art world to neuroscience. Since its foundation in 2011, the group's main aim has been to redefine and expand the boundaries of art research, integrating theories, methodologies, and technologies, including scientific ones, in the light of contemporary challenges. 

Numero Cromatico is a research centre that pursues artwork production, neuroscientific research

on aesthetic experience, editorial production, and the dissemination of interdisciplinarity.

For years it has also been promoting a debate on the relationship between art and neuroscience through Nodes - Journal of Art and Neuroscience, a journal on neuroaesthetics that is today a point of reference for researchers worldwide, classified as a Class A scientific journal for the 11/C4 area by the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR) – to be used for the National Scientific Habilitation.

Since 2016, the group has also opened an experimental space in Rome, where it presents some

of its research to the public.

Numero Cromatico's artistic practice tries to intertwine visual art, design, architecture, literature,

and visual communication with some fields of scientific knowledge including neuroaesthetics, empirical aesthetics, experimental psychology, and digital studies, in order to imagine new perspectives of integration between human beings, nature, and technologies.


In 2019 Numero Cromatico, during ArtVerona, conducted the first neuroaesthetic experiment

in an Italian art fair and won the award i10 as best independent entity. In 2020 the collective won

the Exhibit Program by DGCC MiBACT and the Artribune award for best hybrid space in Italy.
Iin 2021 Numero Cromatico won Re:Humanism Art Prize; the call Abitante; the prize Sala Santa Rita Contemporanea promoted by Azienda Speciale PalaExpo and Italian Council X by MiC’s DGCC. 

In 2022 the collective won Premio Taverna, was mentioned among the best booths at Arte Fiera Bologna, and was nominated Best emerging artist of the year by Exibart. For three years in a row (2021-2023) the group was shortlisted for the Brain Awareness Week grant promoted by FENS

and Dana Foundation.


Members of the collective: Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi, Manuel Focareta, Marco Marini,

Salvatore Gaetano Chiarella, Giulia Torromino, Sara Cuono, Luisa Amendola, Licia Masi,

Marianna Rossi, Federica Marenghi, Samuel Desideri, Fedele di Nunno, Matteo Maioli. 

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