Do we prefer a painting made by human being or one made by artificial intelligence?

Winner of the prize i10 SPAZI INDIPENDENTI 2019

Do we prefer a painting made by a human being or one made

by artificial intelligence? (2019) is a project by Numero Cromatico, designed in collaboration with BrainSigns and in partnership with Untitled Association, presented during ArtVerona 2019

For the first time in an Italian art fair, the audience was asked

to participate in a neuroaesthetic experiment of art evaluation.

One of the project’s aim was to get a better understanding

of the visitors’ appreciation of paintings made by a human being

and by an artificial intelligence. The paintings used for the experiment were artworks taken from the series Test Verbovisivi by Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi, artist and member of Numero Cromatico

At the fair, Numero Cromatico was awarded as the best

independent space in Italy in 2019. In recent years, artistic and neuroscientific research have come closer, slowly demolishing the disciplinary barriers that separate these two different types of knowledge. The collaboration between Numero Cromatico 

and BrainSigns represents an important step for both groups that in these years have been working towards making a change in the parameters of aesthetics evaluation, in both the artistic and scientific field.

Photographs by Numero Cromatico.​

© Numero Cromatico 2020