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Attraverso le tue parole

Co_Atto, meta_fair #2 

moving with_in the complex: 
independent curating in collaboration with Untitled Association

Porta Garibaldi, Milano

30 March - 20 May 2022

Attraverso le tue parole, Numero Cromatico, Coatto, Milano, 2022 - 1.jpg

“Attraverso le tue parole” (2022) is a project by Numero Cromatico designed for co_atto’s project space in Milan. 

The installation is composed by eight artworks which will be for the first time on show at meta_fair #2. The artworks are hand-made tapestries characterised by a distinct tactile surface and a modular poem written by I.L.Y. (acronym for I Love You) - Numero Cromatico’s Artificial Intelligence trained to write love poems. The arrangement of the artworks is not fixed, rather it can be altered in many ways, producing numerous semantic possibilities. The poem can thus mutate with each and every installation, based on the different juxtaposition of the verses and the selection of the exhibited pieces.


The materials, colours and the setting of the eight elements constitute an artificial landscape, with the aim of activating spectators’ multisensorial ​and introspective experience. 

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