Built on a Lie

Built on a Lie (2019) is a project by Numero Cromatico presented at Contemporary Cluster Gallery in Rome. 

The project/exhibition explored the effects of the relationship between images and text.

The exhibition included six diptychs and numerous project drawings. The diptychs were constituted by two large canvases: the first one depicting a face with a neutral expression, the other

a constellation of words with positive, negative or neutral meaning. Thanks to the methodological structure given, the viewers found themselves to interpret/perceive those neutral faces as happy, angry, good, bad, etc. according to the type of words that were associated with it.

Thus, the combination of words and images created in the viewers unconscious and automatic associations. 
The aim was that of studying the viewers’ suggestion of perception through stimuli that work on an unconscious level.

Photographs by Numero Cromatico.

© Numero Cromatico 2020