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Caffè Scienza
Human Brain Project: challenges and limits

25 February 2020
Via degli Ausoni 1 
00185, Roma
​Curated by FormaScienza
In collaboration with Numero Cromatico

Cristina Marchetti, neuroscientist
Pier Stanislao Paolucci, physicist

The Human Brain Project is an important European international scientific research project with a budget of almost 500 million euros given over the course of 10 years that sees the participation of 120 institutions. The main goal is to gain a better comprehension of the human brain and an initial reproduction of its cognitive capacities through a computer simulation.

But why is it so important to study the brain?

Will this great investment help us understand, for example, the links between consciousness and artificial intelligence?

What are the fallbacks and the future implications of this new infrastructure on human health?

Can the aim of the project “knowing for curing” be accomplished?

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