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Convivio (2018) is a performance by Numero Cromatico that is part of the project Da Franco. Senza Appuntamento, which took place in an historical barbershop in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II,

in Rome. 

The title comes from the metaphorical concept framed by Dante Alighieri in his Convivio. Until that point, the word “convivio” had been used to describe a feast but Dante started using it referring to a means of spreading theories and scientific studies through

the use of a comprehensible language. 


The audience is asked to live an experience. The public could

only attend the performance by agreeing to cut his/her hair. 

In the barbershop, six performers interpreting some of the members of Numero Cromatico dragged the public in a conversation about Numero Cromatico's research, via an accessible and informal register and style. 


The act was performed by Salvatore Crucitti, Antonio Duccilli, Ariela La Stella, Valerio Pitorri, Giordano Scialanga, Giovanni Sorrentino.

Photographs by Marzia Martucci.

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