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Dove tutto inizia

a project by Numero Cromatico


Palazzo Brancaccio 

Via Merulana 248, 00184 Roma

Opening 15 Ottore 2021 

Dove tutto inizia, Sempre vivi, Numero Cromatico, 2021-3 low res.jpg

From 15 October 2021, Numero Cromatico will open the doors

of a project room within the context of Contemporary Cluster, where the collective will periodically present artistic projects and experimental activities.
In the project room, neuroscientific experiments on art will be conducted in collaboration with research groups and national and international universities, in which the public will be directly involved in the experimental and data collection phases.
In addition to exhibitions and scientific research, Numero Cromatico will promote debates, seminars and moments of study throughout the year, in different areas of Palazzo Brancaccio.


On the occasion of the opening on October 15, Numero Cromatico will present in the spaces of the project room "Dove tutto inizia", an installation of works from the Semper Vivi series (2021), Limonium Sinuatum flower mosaics that report texts generated by an artificial intelligence instructed by the collective and programmed in collaboration with the University of Verona. The exhibition is part

of a collective investigation into the mechanisms of perception and how these can be manipulated and stimulated through artistic devices.

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