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Various studies demonstrated that people that are not affected by specific psychological pathologies, when exposed to simple dream suggestions, produce a very high percentage of dreams.

Taking this as a starting point, we built Dreamask (2017) - a tool

for dreaming, or better to say, for remembering the dreams.

It consists of a container with an eye-mask and some written

rules to follow before falling asleep. 

During the group show Inscape / La vita della mente curated

by Giuliana Benassi at the Istituto Svizzero in Rome, we gave out two hundred sets of Dreamask to the public standing in the outside
garden of Villa Maraini, asking them to use it that night.

The goals of the project were: building an artwork that was outside contemplative logics and passive fruition; turning the public into the protagonist of the aesthetic experience; creating a
publication of short stories by non-writers.

Photographs by Numero Cromatico.

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