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Epitaphs for the Human Artist

Edizione Numero Cromatico


Favini Burano Acqua Azzurro 90 gr

Favini Burano Giallo Zolfo 250 gr

Fedrigoni Woodstock Cipria 110 gr

Favini Burano Arancio Tropico 250 gr

9 x 12,8 cm

ISBN: 9788894073430

Epitaphs for the Human Artist - edizione

A collection of 100 epitaphs written by Artificial Intelligence.


Epitaphs for the Human Artist is a project by Numero Cromatico that questions the future of the human artist faced with technological progress.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) was trained with a corpus of published epitaphs to compose texts of the same literary form. Ten traditional epitaphs’ incipits were chosen and fed to the AI so that it could generate epitaphs amounting to 300.

The collection here presented is the result of a selection that takes into account peculiar syntactic and semantic elements. The book is divided into ten chapters corresponding to the ten initial inputs

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