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Eternal struggle of my desire

Curated by  Ludovico Pratesi and Marco Bassan (Spazio Taverna)

Museo Nazionale Romano | Crypta Balbi

Via delle Botteghe Oscure 31, 00186 Rome

The exhibition is open from

12th November to 11th December, 2022 

from Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 am - 18:00 pm

3 - Eternal struggle of my desire, una mostra di Numero Cromatico curata da Ludovico Prate

Limited edition print

From November 12 to December 11, 2022, Museo Nazionale Romano will be hosting at Crypta Balbi venue the project Eternal struggle of my desire, conceived by Numero Cromatico -  a collective that has been operating for 11 years internationally.

The exhibition falls within Spazio Taverna’s project on the renewal of the Genius Loci, something that is set to be obtained through the contamination between contemporary art and archaeology. The collective presents a project that is scattered across the underground archaeological areas of Crypta Balbi, building a bridge with unprecedented artworks from the Arazzi series (2021 – ongoing).


Numero Cromatico’s research spans both the mechanisms of human perception in relation to artworks and the design of environmental settings and multi-sensory pathways, by also including the use of natural materials and artificial intelligence for the construction of ambiguous devices triggering the observer.


A text generated by I.L.Y. (I Love You) – an artificial intelligence trained by Numero Cromatico to write love poems – is woven on the tactile surface of the artwork.

Neuroaesthetic experiment at Crypta Balbi

With the scientific collaboration of BrainSigns

The aim of the study was to investigate aesthetic appreciation responses, through explicit questions, and neurophysiological responses, through EEG, HR, GSR and eye-tracking measurements, when confronted with artworks exhibited at Crypta Balbi.

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