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Il futuro è qui, da qualche parte

First edition, Roma 2023

ISBN: 9788894709131


Risograph print on
Favini Shiro Echo / Favini Remake Oyster
Size 13x19,5 cm
pages 112

Il futuro è qui da qualche parte, Numero Cromatico, 2023 - 3.jpg

Il futuro è qui, da qualche parte [The future is here, somewhere] contanis a corpus of texts generated by S.O.N.H. (2022), Numero Cromatico's artificial intelligence - acronym for Statements Of a New Humanity - an algorithm capable of writing poems about the future of humanity.

This is the third and final volume of a trilogy that has been edited down to the smallest detail. The book, like its predecessors, is printed with risograph technology on Favini recycled paper.

Graphic design and photographs
Numero Cromatico

Printed by
Risograph Roma


Special thanks to
Simone Rebora
Tipografare Roma
Untitled Association

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