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Nelle regole della bellezza

A project by Numero Cromatico

Curated by Marcello Smarrelli

Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro


6 July - 13 October 2024


Nelle regole della bellezza [In the Rules of Beauty] is the title of the exhibition conceived by Numero Cromatico for the spaces of Centro Arti Visive Pescheria. Inspired by the theme of Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024 – The Nature of Culture – it sets out to explore the relationship among art, nature and technology.


With its installations, Numero Cromatico creates ambiguous scenarios composed of multiple elements, in which each viewer is asked to project their own personal content, questioning the present to imagine future scenarios.


Once again, visitors are invited to embark on an introspective journey through the discovery of two large synaesthetic and dramaturgical spaces, meticulously designed to stimulate people’s senses and perception.


The works in all their visual, tactile and sound components were shaped by combining humanistic and scientific knowledge, art and neuroscience, craftsmanship and digital technologies.

The exhibition is intended as an immersive experience that triggers reflection and discussion, offering a valuable opportunity to reflect on the relationship of human beings with nature, other living species and digital technologies, stimulating the imagination to picture a more sustainable and harmonious future.



Codice Umano [Human Code] gives the name to the immersive installation that unfolds, horizontally and vertically, along the Loggiato. The work dialogues with the space and is presented with different keys of interpretation: a theatrical curtain, a ship, a ceremonial place, a contemporary stele reminiscent of the one in Novilara, preserved in the Museo Archeologico Oliveriano.  

Two major elements make up for the structure of the space: a large curtain composed of thousands of tiles on which symbols, natural and anthropomorphic figures appear, hoisted through a system of ropes, and 24 hand-woven tapestries, lying on the floor. These expertly-woven written pages address the audience directly through texts composed with the aid of artificial intelligence. Archetypal forms, poetic texts, sound and tactile elements turn into projective stimuli drawing a ritual path along the Loggiato. 



Noosfera [Noosphere] is the title of the audiovisual installation designed for the dodecagonal space of the Chiesa del Suffragio. A sea of moving words, a constantly changing image-stimulus that urges viewers to take an active role through a personal interpretation, immersing themselves in the polysemic flow of projection by creating their own narrative.

In the Noosfera, digital networks, poetic texts, essays and compositions are merged with texts produced by some specifically trained artificial intelligence.

The work urges the public to stop and isolate themselves with the help of sound frequencies, to observe the immense panorama of words and have a deep introspective experience.

Fotografie di Michele Alberto Sereni

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