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Numero Cromatico  
BNL Italy Major Premier Padel 2023

all'interno del progetto Inside Out 

a cura di Claudia Pignatale 

dall'8 al 16 luglio 2023

Foro Italico Roma 

Installazione, Internazionali Padel 2023, Numero Cromatico, fotografia di Serena Eller_5.j

In the evocative setting of the Foro Italico, from July 8th to 16th, the BNL Major Premier Padel 2023 comes to life.

Here Numero Cromatico presents a series of artworks and a new environmental installation. 

"In the rules of beauty there are still new seasons. The future is now" is a site-specific installation that borders the Nicola Pietrangeli Stadium, commissioned by Fitp and Sport e Salute. Over 700 plants of Eremophila Nivea, a plant of Australian origin with silvery silky leaves, which manages to survive in desert and hostile environments, were used for this installation. The name "Eremophila" derives from the Greek "Eremos", solitary, of the desert, and "phileo", to love; "Nivea", from Latin "niveus", meaning "snowy", refers to its silvery appearance. The poem of the artwork has been generated by the collective using one of their AIs.


Throughout the Foro Italico one discovers other artworks by the collective, coming from the most recent art productions - Arazzi, Cardati, and Tulipani - that create a dialogue with the interior design elements of the Lounges. 

The artworks are part of the project "Inside Out", curated by Claudia Pignatale (Secondome).

The photographs are by  Serena Eller (

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