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Numero Cromatico X #EX_TRA

A project by Numero Cromatico x Gruppo Pouchain 

Art Curator: Chiara Nicolini

Mentre tu ti affanni io divento eterno, Numero Cromatico x EX_TRA, Fotografia di Numero Cr

The #EX_TRA project conceived by the Pouchain Group was born with the aim of bringing artworks out into the open, into the city, into the streets, mounted on scaffolding for the time of restoration.
#EX_TRA proposes the gallery outside the gallery and thus dedicates spaces, more widely taken from advertising, to creative dissemination, moving from art to design and to literature, with the intention of creating a stimulus for the city and its citizens.

For the project, Numero Cromatico proposes a large pvc installation presenting the artwork "Mentre tu ti affanni io divento eterno" (2021) from the series Sempre Vivi (2021 - ongoing). The piece was exhibited last year in the SUPERSTIMOLO exhibition at MAXXI Museum in Rome.
It is a mosaic of real flowers whose textual contents were generated by P.O.E. (acronym for Poetry Of the End), one of the collective's Artificial Intelligence instructed to generate poems about the end, epitaphs, epigrams, and memorial texts.
The artworks from the Sempre Vivi series are designed and created with colours, materials, and content that seek to stimulate a multi-sensory aesthetic experience in the viewer.

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