Ritratto Atipico

Ritratto Atipico [Atypical Portrait] (2015-2017) is a sound/music-visuals/text performance by Numero Cromatico.

The performance consists of the creation of 5 types of portrait made in real-time: literary, musical, tactile, acoustic and vocal. Each portrait is performed by one performer in a given time and with the active participation of the public. During the performance, the public is blindfolded according to the instructions set at the beginning of each event. 

Ritratto Atipico aims at overturning the participants’ point of view: the public doesn’t watch but rather lives an experience, becoming part of the event.

Photographs by Numero Cromatico (Cosenza, 2015; Pesaro, 2016); Gloria Mancini (Serra de' Conti, 2017).

© Numero Cromatico 2020