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Sapere Diffuso

SapereDiffuso - Numero Cromatico

Saperediffuso (2017) is a tool for the transmission of audio tracks that was created to produce an effect on the city’s everyday life. These outdoor speakers reproduce these tracks every day at the
same time. 

Sapere Diffuso was presented in Cosenza and Roccabernarda (KR).

The track chosen for the city of Cosenza was a text by Bernardino Telesio “BERNARDINI TELESII CONSENTINI AD JOHANNAM CASTRIOTAM CARMEN” – a poem that enhances the greatness of the philosopher from Cosenza as man, lover and scholar. 

In Roccabernarda (KR) the track was made up of the voices of its citizens narrating the beauties of their land.


The project was developed with a group of students in collaboration with the association Arci Crotone.​

Photographs by Numero Cromatico.

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