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Franco "Bifo" Berardi

22 January 2020
3 - 7 pm​
Via degli Ausoni, 1
00185, Roma
Seminario - Franco _Bifo_ Berardi.jpg

Franco Berardi, also known as “Bifo” (Bologna, 1949), is a writer, philosopher and Italian cultural agitator. 
In 1968 he graduated in Aesthetics with Luciano Anceschi and joined the extra-parliamentary group Potere Operaio, becoming one of its leading figures. 
In 1970 he published his first book Contro il Lavoro (Feltrinelli).

In 1975 he established the magazine A/traverso, the paper of the critical current of Bologna in 1977; in his writings, we understand the focus of his analysis, namely the relationship between social movements and communicative technologies. 
In 1976 he participated in the establishment of the free radio Radio Alice and he is taken under arrest during the investigations against Autonomia Operaia.

In the 1980s he briefly returned to Italy and then moved to New York where he started collaborating with magazines such as Semiotexte and Musica 80.
He spent a long time travelling in Mexico, India, China and Nepal. In that period he started being concerned with the rise of computer networks as a broad social and cultural phenomenon. 
At the end of the 80s, he moved to California where he published some essays on cyberpunk.

In 2002 he established Orfeo TV, the first Italian street-tv.

In 2005 he published a pamphlet against the new mayor of Bologna Sergio Cofferati, which became a hot topic on many Italian newspapers.

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