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Senza dire una parola

a project by Numero Cromatico

Energie Contemporanee
group exhibition curated by Spazio Taverna for Eni,

as part of Arte al Gazometro project
Gazometro, Rome Ostiense
June, 2 - October, 30,  2024


Senza dire una parola is an interactive installation consisting of 5 curtains on wheels.
There is a shape and a series of texts on each of the 5 elements that make up the installation. It has been designed and created in order to create a relationship with the space in which it is exhibited,

by acquiring different forms of installation thanks to the possibility of interacting with each of the mobile elements that compose it.

Both the ambiguous shapes - part of a visual alphabet - and the poetic texts were generated by Numero Cromatico with the help

of generative algorithms.
The title 
Senza dire una parola is one of the verses of the artwork and becomes a further stimulus for the public by alluding

to the need to interact directly with the installation without the need for an explenation, an unambiguous message or mediation.

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