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The future is here, somewhere

A project by Numero Cromatico


curated by Claudia Pignatale and Giorgio Galotti

May 7 - 19, 2024

c/o LEA - corporate hospitality Internazionali BNL d'Italia

Foro Italico, Roma

The future is here somewhere, Effimera a cura di Claudia Pignatale e Giorgio Galotti, Inte

The future is here, somewhere is an installation by Numero Cromatico for Fitp and Sport e Salute on the occasion of Internazionali BNL 2024. The installation features a 20-metre-long illuminated sign that reads: "The future is here, somewhere".
The artwork is not meant to give a specific message, but rather

to offer the public the opportunity to question the present

in a critical and potential way.
The text is part of a poetic anthology by Numero Cromatico, created with the help of S.O.N.H. (acronym for Statements Of

a New Humanity), the artist's AI, specifically trained to generate statements on the future of humanity.


Photographs by Serena Eller

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