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Group Show

April 5 - June 30, 2017

Via Carlo Caneva 60, 00159, Roma

Opening 5 April 2017, 9:00 pm

Salvatore Gaetano Chiarella - Iconic Film (2017)

Numero Cromatico opens its first exhibition of the six artists of the research centre: Salvatore Gaetano Chiarella, Manuel Focareta, Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi, Danilo Innocenti, Marco Marini,
Jacopo Natoli. The group show sets the beginning of the new season in the headquarters in Via Carlo Caneva 60, Rome.

TOTALE includes six different experimental projects, all of which use the scientific method as a tool for creation and analysis of the artwork.

The exhibited projects are the result of studies carried out in various research fields such as art psychology, experimental aesthetics, neuroaesthetics, behavioural science and creativity.

These experimental projects make use of techniques such as

pro-active stimuli, voluntary and involuntary drawing and painting, variations in conscience states and procedures used to evoke
conscious and unconscious expressivity, in order to stimulate imagination, perception and the user’s creativity.

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