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Tutto il mio amore

by Numero Cromatico 

First edition, numbered

ISBN: 978-88-940734-8-5


Risograph print on

Favini Shiro Echo 

Favini Remake Sand 

Size: 13x19 cm

pp. 128

Tutto il mio amore, Numero Cromatico Editore, Roma, 2022-31.jpg

Tutto il mio amore is a selection of poems written by I.L.Y. (acronym of I Love You), an Artificial Intelligence trained by the collective to write love poetry. 

It is the second volume of a trilogy, risograph printed on recycled Favini papers.

Graphic design and Photography

Numero Cromatico


Risograph Roma


lalegatoria Roma

Special thanks to

Untitled Association

Simone Rebora

Tipografare Roma

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