Solo show by Sara Cuono

December 17 - 20, 2020

Via degli Ausoni 1, 00185, Roma

Chiasma is Sara Cuono’s first solo show within Numero Cromatico. The exhibition presents a series of images formed by the junction of two photographs that have been matched according to associations of shape, colour, texture, pattern and geometry. 

The images are shown on various supports: prints hanging on the wall, framed prints and screens. The photographic device on which the images are displayed is not crucial for the artist, since she reckons that the strength of the images and their perceptive result remain unvaried despite the place or the modalities in which they are presented. 


With this exhibition, Cuono’s research focuses on what links a pair of images, the so-called “third something”, and the potential that the editing serves in the construction of meaning. This new “third” image, created by the ensemble of two images, sparks in each viewer subjective and unpredictable images. Thus the artist produced a visual stimulus that leads to the formation of uncontrolled representations in the mind of the observer. 


In the artist’s research, photography becomes a means and not the final goal of the aesthetic production. The images she produces happen to be in the photographic medium and are bound to stay there provisionally for a mere contextual opportunity. Her research destructures the photographic image in order to get to the grade zero of photography.

Her work studies neuroscience and the mechanisms at the basis of aesthetic consumption, countertrend compared with the current artistic practices and uses of photography.

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