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Manuel Focareta

June 13 - 29, 2019 

Via Carlo Caneva, 60, 00159, Roma

Opening 13 June 2018, 7:30 pm


Manuel Focareta’s first solo show, Poesie, opens in Numero Cromatico’s studio in Rome.

In the last years Focareta’s research has focused on two fundamental topics: the potential use of social media in literary production and the involvement of the public in poetic research. 
The exhibition includes some artworks from Poembook (2014) and Pinder (2017), projects realised with contents produced by network users. Moreover, the exhibition will include the first phase of a current research project constituted by a series of short texts written by non-poets on the theme of love. These will later be studied and compared with poems that became viral in the past years on the Internet. 

The project is part of a broader research on the artist’s

non-expressive approach to poetry and the analysis of some contemporary literary phenomena. Focareta does so by using scientific methods, taking the distance from the artist’s subjective interpretation and literary critic.

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