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Solo show by Marco Marini

January 11 - 13, 2021

Via degli Ausoni 1, 00185, Roma

Without expression, without intention - these are some of the explanatory statements that led to the exhibition Senza,

solo show by Marco Marini.

The show presents twenty large-scale drawings realised

in visual deprivation. 

The drawings look like constellations of signs without a specific interpretative orientation - without an image orientation and without personal will. Senza presents the drawings resulting

from the performance Ossessioni (2020).


The exhibition is part of a research project undertaken by Marini 10 years ago in the field of non-expressive experimental practice. 

Marini develops new strategies that aim at avoiding

representation by virtue of the mimesis of an internal, emotional and passionate reality of the subject that performs the action. 

Such research raises new questions on the intrinsic qualities relating to the action that is no longer tied to the mere representation of reality, but rather to life itself.

This exhibition is part of the project

GRAN FINALE  curated by Numero Cromatico

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